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TO ORDER MICROSCOPE SLIDES PLEASE VISIT  www.diatomshop.com and the Price List Page http://www.diatomshop.com/price-list.html
Visit the Home Page to read the 10 REASONS DIATOM LAB PREPARATIONS ARE SO INNOVATIVE  (You can save PDF file "The 10 reasons Diatom Lab preparations are so innovative" by this link)

Diatom Shop is the online shop of DIATOM LAB, the scientific laboratory company based in the North of Italy with the VAT number IT 01635810193 (Partita IVA 01635810193), the registered name DIATOM LAB (di Stefano Barone), and classified as "Research and Development in the field of other Natural Sciences and Engineering"

Diatoms and Radiolarians are among the most fascinating microscopic forms to observe under a microscope!

Their beautiful and symmetrical shapes can lead us to reflect upon the wonder of Nature, leaving an impression of hypnotic beauty, magic, mathematics, mystery, spirituality, fun and awe. Some never tire of viewing favourite diatoms, revisiting them many times over the years.
Diatoms are also essential to life on Earth, and are classed as Phytoplankton, which contribute an estimated 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in Earth’ atmosphere, playing a major role in the regulation of atmospheric CO2 and forming an essential component of the food chain.

Owning Diatom Shop's state-of-the-art Diatoms or Radiolarians microscope slides is like owning all this, the art in a hand-made piece, the antique and modern, and a piece of the small and big powerful Microcosm. Diatom Lab is like a 19th century scientific laboratory company operating in the 21st century from many points of view, but our state-of-the-art microscope slides containing micromanipulated Diatoms and Radiolarians are produced with innovative, modern, proprietary, unique, professional techniques. We have greatly improved the old procedures of arranging Diatoms and other microscopic objects in order to meet the high requirements of the most modern and sophisticated microscopy (please read the important Technological innovations in the Home page). Diatom Lab was created to show the beauty, importance and power of microscopic nature to amateurs and scientists during an era of many superficial values. Diatom Lab is a visionary project where Science meets Art.

Diatoms (Synonyms: Bacillariae or Bacillariophyta) belong to the Class Bacillariophyceae and can be divided into two major groups that are distinguished by the shape of the frustule (the siliceous parts of the diatom cell wall): the centric diatoms (radially symmetric) and the pennate diatoms (bilaterally symmetric).
Frustule is composed by two parts, the larger epitheca and the smaller hypotheca: the epitheca overlaps the hypotheca similar to a pill case.
The valve face of the diatom frustule is beautifully ornamented with pores (areolae), spines, processes, hyaline (=unornamented) areas and other distinguishing features that help in the identification!
Many Genera of living Diatoms are known, with an estimated 100000 extant species!


To obtain the PDF Instruction  Manual of the "Diatom Resolution Test Plate, version 2.0", simply click on this link);

and the Price List Page  http://www.diatomshop.com/price-list.html

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