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Diatoms and Radiolarians are among the most fascinating microscopic beings to observe under a microscope!
They have often artistic shapes that lead us to reflect upon spiritual matters and wonders of Nature. In particular they emanate hypnotic beauty, magic, mathematics, mystery, fun and solemnity at the same time.
More generally, not everyone knows that Phytoplankton (composed by freely floating microalgae, such as many Diatom species) contribute between 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere, play a part in the regulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide and form an essential component of the marine food chain.
Owning Diatom Shop's state-of-the-art microscope slides that contain Diatoms or Radiolarians is like owning a piece of all these features, a piece of the art of who carefully prepared these handmade products, a piece of antique and modern, a piece of the small and big powerful Microcosm.
Diatom Lab is like a 19th century scientific laboratory company that operates in the  21st century on many points o view, but Diatom Lab's state-of-the-art microscope slides containing micromanipulated Diatoms and Radiolarians are produced with absolutely Innovative, Modern, Never published, Unique, Professional Techniques and Formulas: the company has greatly improved the antique procedures of arranging Diatoms and other microscopic objects in order to meet the high requirements of the most modern and sophisticated microscopy (please read the important Technological innovations in the Home page).

In a few words Diatom Shop makes microscopy more exciting, fascinating and unforgettable!

TO ORDER MICROSCOPE SLIDES PLEASE VISIT  www.diatomshop.com and the Price List Page http://www.diatomshop.com/price-list.html

Diatom Shop is the online shop of DIATOM LAB, the scientific laboratory company based in the North of Italy with the VAT number IT 01635810193 (Partita IVA 01635810193), the registered name DIATOM LAB (di Stefano Barone), and classified as "Research and Development in the field of other Natural Sciences and Engineering"

Diatom Lab counts many important research centres, universities, colleges, environmental organizations and microscope companies from all around the world among its customers, in addition to hundreds of private customers of course. Just for example you can read the contract signed with the Italian National Research Council or CNR (https://www.cnr.it/en) by this link:
The other numerous client companies from all over the world are not public bodies, therefore they cannot be listed here for privacy reasons.

Diatom Lab was created to show the beauty, importance and power of microscopic nature to amaterus and scientists during an era of many superficial values. Diatom Shop's products require much accuracy, precision and time during (and before) their realization: although Diatom Lab works with the latest techniques, mountants and research microscopes, it doesn't differ much from a Nineteenth-century scientific laboratory company, so your purchase will help to keep this ancient craft still alive today! Diatom Lab is a visionary project where science meets art


To obtain the PDF Instruction  Manual of the "Diatom Resolution Test Plate, version 2.0", simply click on this link);

and the Price List Page  http://www.diatomshop.com/price-list.html

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