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Diatom Lab Intro (Ocean Sunrise)


“Few objects are more beautiful than the minute siliceous cases of the diatomaceæ: were these created that they might be examined and admired under the higher powers of the microscope?” Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species

Welcome to Diatom Lab, the scientific laboratory company with the VAT number IT 01635810193, the registered name DIATOM LAB (by Stefano Barone), and classified as "Research and Development in the field of other Natural Sciences and Engineering"

Our company specialises in:

Ground-breaking Micromanipulation services:

The creation of microscope slides and arrangements of Diatoms, Radiolarians and other microscopic specimens for Optical Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), produced through innovative, never published, State-of-the-art techniques (see www.diatomshop.com). Read
THE 10 REASONS DIATOM LAB PREPARATIONS ARE SO INNOVATIVE in the table below (You can download PDF file by  clicking here).

Test slides for Optical Microscopy
(see www.testslides.com or www.diatomshop.com), produced through new and never published techniques: Venture into the Micro and Nano structures!

Scientific photography and microscopy imaging services: we provide scientific imaging services using our state of the art Zeiss Axio Imager.A2 and other microscopes in full frame or high resolution CMOS camera format. Various illumination techniques are available.
Click on this link to dowload the pdf file with the Diatom Lab's Zeiss Axio Imager.A2 microscope configuration (objectives, condensers, etc.)
We can image your specimens, or specimens we prepare on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our clients and reputation:

Diatom Lab counts many important research centres, universities, colleges, environmental organizations, and microscope companies from all around the world among its customers, such as the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (New York), the Rockefeller University (New York), the Eastern Washington University (Washington), the University of South Bohemia České Buděovice (Czech Republic), the Italian National Research Council or CNR, the Gymnase de Morges (Switzerland) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), in addition to many private customers who purchase our diatom preparations. Click here and here for the contracts signed with the Italian National Research Council or CNR (https://www.cnr.it/en). Other clients are not public bodies, therefore cannot be listed here for privacy reasons. For feedback from private customers about our diatom preparations, please see our
100% positive eBay feedback on thousands of transactions: Diatom Lab eBay Shop. Diatom Lab sells products online (mainly direct by email order) or through our business eBay page to promote our products amongst private customers. Our eBay account name is “diatomshop” and we sell many very rare Diatom preparations on eBay (starting prices are often symbolic as most bids happen in the final minutes or seconds of each auction). They wrote about us: Bulletin of the Quekett Microscopical Club, Nov 2019, No.77, ISSN 1350-9128, pp 22-25: the article recognizes Diatom Lab preparations as expertly-prepared and three microscope images of our slides have been published, such as a detail of the Diatom Test Slide version 2.0 with the comment “image chosen by editor to show the incredible resolution of this excellent slide”; Walker D., Exploring the Diatom Lab prepared slide of an integrated circuit chip, Micscape Magazine, April 2020,  Issue 289, ISSN 1365 - 070x: "The slide is impeccably prepared / mounted", "In my view the slide is excellent value for money and maintains the high standards set by the Diatom Lab shop (I have a number of the diatom slides)".  JMC Scientific Consulting Ltd, Jonathan Crowther, “UV microscopy –Designing a UV condenser” Last modified October 26, 2020, jmcscientificconsulting.com: "As a quick test I imaged a sample slide of Gorgonian sea fan spicules (from Diatom Lab). These guys make high quality microscope slides great for microscopy testing and imaging, and I’d recommend checking them out if you want slides for imaging". Memmolo P, Carcagnì P, Bianco V, Merola F, Goncalves da Silva Junior A, Garcia Goncalves LM, Ferraro P, Distante C. “Learning Diatoms Classification from a Dry Test Slide by Holographic Microscopy”. Sensors (Basel). 2020 Nov 7;20(21):6353. doi: 10.3390/s20216353. PMID: 33171757; PMCID: PMC7664373 (you can download the publication by this link as a PDF document): "Acknowledgments: Diatoms in the glass slide were prepared by Stefano Barone - Diatom Lab, and purchased from www.diatomshop.com" (a Diatom Lab microscope slide of 50 selected, micromanipulated Diatoms was used for this scientific publication. This slide was sold to the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems (ISASI) National Research Council (CNR) of Italy (https://www.cnr.it/en).

Diatom Lab is based in the North of Italy but we safely ship WORLDWIDE: all parcels are fully tracked, so that you can check the progress of your items through to delivery!


The 10 reasons Diatom Lab preparations are so innovative:

Diatom Lab's prepared microscope slides of Micromanipulated Diatoms and Radiolarians will last for generations, and are produced with modern, state-of-the art techniques and mounting media. We have greatly improved on the “antique” processes of mounting and arranging Diatoms and other microscopic specimens, in order to meet the requirements of modern high performance microscopes, for a truly extraordinary visual experience!

REASON 1: Our Micromanipulated Diatoms and Radiolarians are guaranteed to be fixed directly to the UNDERSIDE of the cover glass (and not, as is common, on the microscope slide) for maximum resolution and contrast! The reason for this: microscope objective performance drops quickly noticeably as the specimen distance from the cover glass increases. Microscope objective lenses are designed to be optimally corrected for objects located immediately below the coverslip! (source: Hiraoka Y., Sedat J. W. and Agard, D. A. (1990) Determination of three-dimensional imaging properties of a light microscope system, Biophysical Journal, 57, 325-333).
Moreover Oil immersion objectives are brightest at superficial depths, consider the following graph (source: Olympus https://www.olympus-lifescience.com)

Furthermore, mounting specimens to the UNDERSIDE of the cover glass allows use of high numerical aperture objective such as oil immersion objectives, even those with very short working distance, such 63x/1,4 or 100x/1,4 apochromats for the ultimate in resolution and contrast!

REASON 2: We use the proprietary DIATOM³ (DIATOM CUBED) high refractive index microfiltered diatom mountant with a refractive index of over 1.7 and excellent chemical stability!

REASON 3: We use the proprietary NANO-ADHESIVE. Diatoms are attached to the underside of the cover glass by means of Diatom Lab's unique NANO-ADHESIVE, which is invisible even in phase contrast, darkfield illumination, differential interference contrast (DIC) and oblique illumination! This ensures all the finest Diatom details such as areolae, poroids, striae and so-on, are always perfectly clean, regardless of the technique used, with the additional benefit that there are no traces, stains or swipe-marks caused by fixatives typically seen on some older preparations. Futhermore, our NANO-ADHESIVE is also invisible to scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), and is therefore used to obtain a clean background for our SEM specimen preparations. See the test image below and at this link, performed by Purdue University Fort Wayne on Diatom Lab's preparations that contain Diatoms fixed on glass using Diatom Lab's NANO-ADHESIVE (without mountant and cover glass to permit SEM imaging):

REASON 4: Custom optical quality cover-glass is used in all our Diatom preparations. Our coverslips are manufactured to strict tolerances in Germany specifically for Diatom Lab with the following benefits: High transparency, optical homogeneity (freedom from inclusions, bubbles, streaks, etc.), high transmission, excellent flatness, chemical stability, and a refraction index adjusted for microscopy.

REASON 5: Diatom Lab's microscope slides are prepared taking into account the cover glass thickness suitable for each preparation, in fact:
Using the correct coverslip thickness can greatly increase your ability to get the most information out of your sample using an optical microscope

Source: Douglas W. Cromey, M.S. (2017) The importance of #1.5 thickness coverslips for Microscopy,  UA Microscopy Alliance, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

REASON 6: Only the best, cleanest, unbroken specimens are hand selected, and all slides are quality checked on our in-house Zeiss Axio Imager.A2 research microscope before shipment. Diatom Lab offers perfectly cleaned, selected Diatoms, Radiolarians and other microscopic objects that are micro-manipulated paying attention to their ideal positioning to show off the best features. All current and fossil Diatoms and Radiolarians are cleaned in our laboratory using innovative, and professional techniques.

REASON 7: Diatom Lab's Diatoms and Radiolarians can be observed and admired even with a modestly priced microscope (contrast enhancement techniques such as phase contrast, darkfield illumination and differential interference contrast are not strictly necessary) thanks to Diatom Lab's strict quality procedures.

REASON 8: Diatom Lab's special techniques and Diatom Cubed mountant ensure that Diatoms and Radiolarians will never change their original position during shipping or storage. In other words, you will never see "floating" Diatoms and Radiolarians.

REASON 9: Diatom Lab's unique ringing cements are resistant to the most common immersion oils used in optical microscopy.

REASON 10: Diatom Lab's Preparations are guaranteed free of bubbles and impurities.

Doing business with Diatom Lab:

100%  POSITIVE FEEDBACK: Diatom Lab sells its special products online (by email order) and through our business eBay page http://www.ebay.com/usr/diatomshop to promote the products to private customers (the eBay account name is diatomshop, and starting prices are often symbolic as most bids happen in the final minutes or seconds of each auction. Almost every week Diatom Shop sells many very rare Diatoms on eBay).  Please check our positive eBay feedback with over a thousand transactions at the following link: eBay feedback.

Diatom Lab offers many rare and unusual species from time to time - please follow our eBay shop.

Before payment you will always receive an email with the images of the micromanipulations you've ordered. What you see is what you get.

Diatom Lab works with honesty, accuracy and transparency. You'll always receive a proper invoice with every purchase.

All parcels are fully tracked, so that you can check the progress of your items through to delivery. Diatom Lab (Diatom Shop) safely ships WORLDWIDE, using special microscope slide protective cases, bubble wrap and well padded packages.
We have customers in many countries including the UK, USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, and look forward to working with you!

Payments are accepted with PayPal (no PayPal account needed, just a credit card!) or bank transfer.

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